Study In Australia

Why Study Australia From Nepal?

Australia is not only as a student destination but overall is a dynamic and technologically vibrant country that offers good educational and career life to students from all over the world including students from Nepal to study in Australia.

Australia is one of the most sought-after study destinations for Nepalese students. IT has always been a popular student destination among students for abroad studies because of the quality of education, lifestyle and the friendly nature of the Australian people who accept all other cultures all around. Every year, students from different parts of the world including Nepal visit this country in large numbers to avail themselves of the educational opportunities here.

The main reason behind this is that it offers the best educational system along with a challenging English-speaking environment. Having some of the world’s top Universities as its assets; the country offers the best educational environment for international students. There are over 22000 courses and 1100 institutions that span over more than 29 study areas like language, nursing, medicine, etc.

What are the minimum qualifications and requirements for Students in Nepal to study in Australia?

  • At least +2
  • Only 4 years bachelor’s degree is accepted
  • Good first division marks and good English skills
  • Good IELTS band score:-
    • 6.0 for Bachelors
    • 6.5 for Master’s

Document Checklist for Australia Studies

Academic documents

  1. Visa application form
  2. Photocopy of passport
  3. Identification card copies
  4. Four filled self-adhesive name and address labels
  5. Passport-sized photo(not older than six months)
  6. Formal educational documents(photocopy)
  7. IELTS certificate
  8. Criminal record check results

Health/medical documents

  1. Medical reports and x-ray examinations
  2. Proof that the student has an Overseas Student Health Cover for the total duration of the visa.

Financial documents

  1. Proof of funds from a suitable source
  2. Proof of cash deposits

Document Checklist for Australia Studies

Book your IELTS Classes and take the IELTS exam
After IELTS Results
  1. Academic Documents Verification
  2. Documents are forwarded to University/College for an offer letter.
  3. If the documents are accepted you’ll receive the offer letter
  4. Collect student visa
  5. Pay tuition and ECOE
  6. Pass the medical exam
  7. Collect visa grant letter


What is the process for applying to study in australia?

The process for applying to study in Australia will vary depending on the institution you choose and the program of study you are interested in. In general, you will need to apply to the institution, along with any required supporting documents, such as transcripts and proof of English language proficiency.

What is the cost of studying in australia?

The cost of studying in Australia can vary depending on several factors, such as the type, of course, you are studying, and the location of your institution. In general, you can expect to pay between AUD 20,000 and AUD 30,000 per year for tuition.

Do i need to have health insurance while studying in australia?

Yes, it is strongly recommended that you have health insurance while studying in Australia. This will cover you for any medical treatment you may need while in Australia.

Can I Work while studying in Australia?

Yes, international students in Australia are allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week while studying. This can help with the cost of living and provide valuable work experience.

Why does a Visa get rejected in Australia?

While the vast majority of visa applications are approved, a visa application may be rejected for a variety of different reasons, including ineligibility, a lack of evidence or documentation, character issues, health concerns, and fake documents.